Every year the DPM group holds a meeting to discuss the development status and future of the Disk Pool Manager environment. This year it will be held at Naples on October 9th and 10th, you can check all the info from the event here, basically the scientific programme is:

  • Current status of the implementation of the features
  • Current status of the deployment in sites
  • Points of view of the system administrators, that made DPM a successful system
  • Current status of the codebase and the build system
  • Availability of the packages in the mainstream repositories
  • Deprecation of YAIM and transition to Puppet-based setups
  • Realtime activity monitoring and compatibility with the existing GLED infrastructure
  • Federating DPMs using the Xrootd and HTTP protocols
  • New components, their adoption in the codebase and in the sites
  • Cross-components restructuring and improvements

The great news is that I was invited to show an overview of my project. I hope I can live up to the event, I will update the blog with the info of the workshop and my contribution to it.